Let your
screenshots speak up

Voice your thoughts on anything you see on a screen momentarily. Just pick an area, comment and share the screenshot with the world. Teampaper Snap will become a daily assistant for both digital professionals and enthusiasts who enjoy sharing their opinion.


How Teampaper Snap works?

what matters

Mark important areas and add comments instantly. Teampaper’s points, shapes and predefined colors will help you to express your thoughts the way you see it.

The Clipboard Magic

Teampaper generates a single image of the screenshot with points and comments. Then copies it to the clipboard, so you can use it whenever you want to.

Paste anywhere

Press “Cmd+V” to share your image. Works with Slack, Skype, iMessage and Gmail. In other cases, just upload it via Teampaper and send a direct link.

Sketch plugin available

Yeah, you heard that right. A tool, that allows you to express your creativity, is now available within Teampaper. For your experience to be even better.

Download the plugin


Why is it free? How do you plan to make money?

We’ve built the first version to get your feedback. We can call it MVP if you want. We are planning to add paid features soon but current functionality will always be Free.

Will you guys be making a Windows app at any point?

We are working on it and it’s near 70% done, but not ready for public release. Please sign up and we will notify you when it will be ready.

Who will have access to my public screenshots?

Anyone who has the link to your screenshot which is generated automatically. That means you can send it to your friend and he can send it to anyone. We are planning to add access rights in next versions.

Where do you store images?

We use Amazon AWS right now. Airbnb, Spotify, and Shazam are using same. It looks reliable and secure.

What do we like so much
about Teampaper?

Discuss anything

Review texts, highlight design issues, or have a laugh over a friend’s profile pic. Really, just do what you want.

Set priorities

Point out things that deserve attention and share them from your perspective.

Manage your time

Send a direct link or paste an image via hotkey to let everyone comment immediately.

Chat friendly

There haven’t been a single day without us using Teampaper on various chat platforms. It works incredibly.

Reach us at [email protected]
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Check our roadmap in Trello

4,7 / 5

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New things are coming

We’ve been working hard to recreate Teampaper web from the ground up. Packed with Kanban boards and entirely revamped back-end stack and design. Leave your email and be the first to try.